NXT-G教育版軟體更新--NXT EDU 2.0f3 Patch (2.1f3)


LEGO Education下載網頁,可以在頁面左邊選擇Software Update / Patch,頁面就會出現NXT-G教育版的更新檔案。

目前有NXT EDU 2.0f3 Patch及NXT EDU 2.1f3 Patch。(還有NXT Patch.zip)



我想NXT-G EDU 2.1就是等於NXT-G EDU 2.0 + 2.0f1 Patch + 一些新的命令方塊,

這些新的命令方塊包含Color Lamp, Color Sensor, Energy Meter In, Energy Meter Out以及Round Block。

在LEGO Education下載頁的最下方有個『NXT Patch』實際上就是2.0f1的更新程式加上新的Block。

所以f3的更新需要分為NXT EDU 2.0f3 Patch及NXT EDU 2.1f3 Patch,

(測試結果:NXT EDU 2.1f3無法安裝於NXT EDU 2.0版)

請依照你的NXT-G EDU版本進行更新。有NXT EDU 2.0版的讀友,請下載NXT EDU 2.0f3。


The LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT 2.0 f3 patch fixes the following issues:
Note: This patch also includes any changes that were in the 2.0f1 Edu patch

?Scrolling a program consumes memory that is never released, which leads to poor performance or a software crash
?Placing three switch blocks in a row and toggling the "flat view" checkbox causes the second switch to overlap a portion of the third
?Performing a delete and then an undo operation after creating Pack and Go file causes a software crash
?Performing a delete and then an undo operation of a Constant block inside a My block causes a software crash
?Incorrect port number in 1.X Ultrasonic Sensor block when opened in 2.0
?Drawing problems when zooming NXT Datalogging academy
?Occasional invalid slide numbers in Academy when switching between build instructions
?Minimum rate of Datalog block is limited to approximately 65 seconds between points even though UI indicates otherwise
?LMS 2.0 Edu with 2.0f1 Edu patch only - Running a datalogging experiment more than once or importing a datalog file can result in extra datapoints
?LMS 2.0 Edu Russian or LMS 2.0 Edu with 2.0f1 patch only - Opening certain programs results in not being able to download any programs, error code 1003
?Intel Mac only - program canvas or diagram prints yellow
?Mac only, Adobe Flash later than 10.0 only - Severe usability issues, Mac OS crash dialog on exit

readme寫了一堆,依照LEGO Education網頁說明,包含相容於Flash 10.1 以及compiler issues,還能解決錯誤訊息1003的問題。


更新後在Help-->About LEGO MINDSTORMS Edu NXT...會顯示2.0f3字樣。

大家可以試試更新,並且記得使用Firmware  1.31 。