NXT Edu 2.1f5 patch for MAC


包含NXT EDU 2.1f5 patch for MAC,NXT EDU 2.0f5 patch for MAC


如果讀友使用MAC安裝NXT EDU,請立即更新。



請勾選頁面左邊欄位的Software Update/Patch,等待網頁更新顯示後,點擊NXT EDU 2.xf5 patch for MAC相對應版本的圖示。


For Mac OS X® v10.5.x, 10.6.x, or 10.7.x

The LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT 2.1 f5 fixes the following issues:

Note: This update is inclusive of all current updates, no previous updates are needed.

  • Running a data logging experiment more than once or importing a data log file can result in extra data points
  • Opening certain programs results in not being able to download any programs, error code 1003
  • Intel Mac only - program canvas or diagram prints yellow
  • Adobe Flash later than 10.0 only - Severe usability issues, Mac OS crash dialog on exit, some movies do not load
  • Progress bar does not display correctly during launch