ROBOTC 3.05版開放下載

根據ROBOTC.net Blog的最新文章,ROBOTC version 3.05 has been released!

得知ROBOTC 3.05版已經發布,有興趣的讀友可以下載


Hi all,

We’ve just released ROBOTC 3.05. Head on over to the download pages to download the latest version!

Change log:


  1. Allow “File Management” window to play multiple sound files and not just a single file.
  2. Fix bug in implementation of NXT intrinsic function “I2CGetSensorInfo”.
  3. Holding down gray EXIT button on NXT will now eventually power off the NXT.
  4. Re-enable support for “sendMessage” on NXT.
  5. Updated FTC Joystick Driver to include diagnostics and added a critical section around the “no joystick data” fields to prevent false starts.
  6. “DrawEllipse” was broken for emulator. ‘short’ variable was overflowing; ‘long’ was needed.
  7. Constant for total number of motors for Tetrix was incorrect (too small). Result is some user defined names for 12V Tetrix motors were not being defined. Applies when Tetrix motor controller was configured on sensor port S3 or S4. Now Fixed.
  8. Included range checking on game controller joystciks to fit in one byte. Few users reported errors about seeing 2-byte joystick values.


  1. New Automatic Firmware Updater for VEX Cortex – Choose one menu option and ROBOTC takes care of the rest (putting into bootload/downloading both master and ROBOTC firmware)
  2. Updated installer to automatically install the VEX Cortex drivers and Prolific USB-to-Serial Drivers upon install.
  3. Updates to the RVW Natural Language files to include remote control and microcontroller button commands.
  4. New standard model files for PLTW Testbeds
  5. By default “Com Port lists” will not include all serial ports. They will only the ports that match the current platform/use selection. A registry preference (“Advanced Environment” tab) can be used to restore to the current (3.04 release) of including all ports.
  6. Updated Error Messages for Firmware/Program downloads.
  7. New Sample Programs for 4-motor joystick control.
  8. Added new variable “bStopTasksBetweenModes” to allow VEX users to disable the allTasksStop function from running between autonomous and teleop modes


  1. Compiler was not generating error when “typedef” variable was used in an expression. Fixed.
  2. ADD “__NAME__” to preprocessor predefined variables.
  3. Fix code generation bug for “const string” array variables. Compiler would incorrectly use empty string instead of reference to array variable in constant pool.
  4. Rightmost character of block of italic formatted source file had “slant” clipped by the background of the next block of text. Fixed.
  5. Expand opcodes for “shift left/right” to support ‘long’ variable as shift size amount.
  6. Fix definition of “degreesToRadians” intrinsic. It was not working when the parameter was a numeric constant.