ROBOTC 4.32 版發布

最新消息,ROBOTC 4.32版已經發布。


想試用的讀友請到 http://www.robotc.net/download/lego/ 下載。



  • New Linux image, updated to 1.07X to ensure compatibility with LEGO EV3 Programming Software. Please be sure to update your brick to the latest Linux firmware.
  • EV3 brick can now be renamed from both the file and the communication utilities in the Robot menu.
  • Refreshed the Driver Suite files for both NXT and EV3
  • getColorRGB() will now also work with a standard LEGO NXT Color sensor.
  • Added intrinsic getSensorConnType() to retrieve sensor connection type.
  • Fixed multi-tasking issue in EV3 VM where multi-tasking was not possible with programs started directly from the EV3 Brick.
  • Fixed a division by zero error in DatalogTest.c sample program
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a file from your EV3 to your PC removed the file extension from the uploaded file.
  • LEGO NXT Sensors that are normally auto-ID’d no longer have their autoID flag disabled for that port.
  • LEGO Energy Meter was improperly configured.
  • Fix Standard Model issue for EV3 (Gyro was improperly configured)

Robot Virtual Worlds Package Manager

Robot Virtual Worlds Package Manager simplifies keeping your RVW worlds up-to-date and allows you to easily download new ones.

RBC Macro Editor

The RBC Macro Editor allows you to quickly create a ROBOTC Text-Based or Graphical macro file that will pre-configure many aspects of the UI, such as platform, the debugger windows that are to be opened, the default save-as file name and many others. If you are targeting Virtual Worlds, you can also select which world should be used.

General Changes

Debug Stream has been made more robust to prevent buffer overflows and corrupted data.
Added quick access, “Add License” menu item.
Added command line option to deactivate all active, non-building licenses (-DEACTIVATE).
“SensorValue” intrinsic definition changed from ‘word’ to ‘int’. This will allow it be be either ‘short’ or ‘long’ depending on the native “int” format of specific platform.
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D” is new keyboard accelerator to open preferences.
All libraries (DLLs) and executables (EXEs) are now signed.
General Bug Fixes

Fix issue where a “save as” with a new document -> then a subsequent “save” would cause a “save as” prompt in the wrong location.
Fix enumeration bug in Joystick Driver
Context menu for large ICON toolbar changes now take immediate effect.
Fix the repeatUntil(0) warning message to say “‘repeat until’ expression is constant ‘0’. Loop will never exit.”
Fix issue with command line deactivation with building licenses
IDE was not removing error flags from graphical blocks.
Long operands on opcodes “&” “|”, “^” and “~” were incorrectly handling negative 16-bit constants.
Fix bug in addTo/MinusTo/DivideTo/TimesTo opcode when variable is a global short variable and the operand is a 16-bit or less compile time constant.
Fix issue that prevented functions that return pointers to be dereferenced in an expression.
Fixed a bug where the missing “Name” field would cause a crash for the command line activation.


Hitting the Control key no longer deselects all the things.
Bug causing Graphical Block artefacts on the screen has been fixed.