Enchanting 0.2版發佈!

根據最新消息,Enchanting 0.2版已經發佈。


New in version 0.2

- You can now configure a 'differential pilot' to control your robot!
- Big thanks to Sven Köhler for fixing the bug in leJOS 0.9.1 and providing new jni libraries!
- Added 'map' block.
- Added utilities to flash the NXT and browse the files on it.
- Enchanting now checks the firmware on your NXT and offers to flash it for you if it is the wrong one!
- Now using graphics in drop-down boxes. 

New in version 0.1.1 (which was never actually released)

- Now using leJOS 0.9.0 for code running on the computer, and leJOS 0.9.1 for code running on the NXT.
- Big thanks to Michael Herrmann for helping to fix an issue where sprites didn't load properly on the NXT.
- Reworked and simplified the block layout code.

可以到https://launchpad.net/ enchanting/+download下載使用。