ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.0 Final 已經發表!

Xander終於發佈ROBOTC Driver Suite V3.0 Final

還是要搭配ROBOTC 3.5.1以上才能正常執行。


What’s new?

  • Changed my email address in all the files to a botbench.com one
  • Added a driver for the HiTechnic Force Sensor + example programs
  • Added a driver for the Mindsensors LigthSensorArray + example programs (one of which is a calibration program)
  • Modified Mindsensors IMU driver.  You can now only retrieve all 3 axes at once, this is a limitation of the sensor.  The ability to retrieve the magnetic fields is now also possible.
  • Fixed a bug in the HiTechnic SuperPro Experiment 2 program where not all digital IOs were set to output.
  • Implemented a new function in the Firgelli Linear Actuator driver, you can now issue a STOP, added 3rd test program to demonstrate how to use it.  I have no idea why I never did that before.