EV3 Firmware V1.06H & V1.06E


樂高官網上面已經推出 EV3 Firmware V1.06H 的新版EV3韌體,


教育版也已經推出更新:EV3 Firmware V1.06E


請在各個 EV3 軟體中直接『Check』,自動打開瀏覽器,讀友可以直接下載更新。


(據粘老師測試使用HiTechnic Color Sensor完全正常)

我想改善I2C問題後,其他HiTechnic 感應器應該也可以正常使用。另外不知道LEGO EV3 Gyro飄移會有改善嗎?


延伸閱讀:EV3 教學 - 更新EV3主機的韌體

2014.07.02 更新:


Firmware version 1.06 includes the following improvements: 

- Fixed issue with long names on connection Bluetooth devices.
- Improved Bluetooth connectability when using multiple LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 units.
- Fixed issue related to more advanced IIC communication (Especially towards FTC competition)
- Fixed issue related to large program execution (Sub-calls and memory usage)
- Supports for new Bluetooth hardware module which are schedule to be introduced in 2015
- Various minor bugs have been fixed
- Changes to Open source license for three specific files  

The detailed list below is the full list of improvements that have been included: 

  1. IIC issue with automatic update blocking access fixed in "d_iic.c"
  2. UART protocol escape future issue fixed in "d_uart.c"
  3. ISSUE 4330 - sub call aliases block local issue fixed
  4. Number of memory handles rised from 250 to 500 (MAX_HANDLES = 500)
  5. Color sensor mode 4 data checksum issue fixed
  6. Test app "Sensors" changed to use "Modes" instead of "Views" in mode change limit
  7. opINPUT SETUP - IIC third party sensor read/write issue fixed
  8. opINPUT READY_IIC implemented
  9. More documentation about sensor reading 
  10. Corrected issue when connecting to several devices using bluetooth (c_bt.c)
  11. opUI_DRAW VALUE bug fixed (negative figures)
  12. opUI_DRAW VIEW_UBIT bug fixed (negative figures)
  13. opINPUT_DEVICE INSERT_TYPE implemented
  14. opINPUT_DEVICE SET_TYPEMODE implemented
  15. Corrected issue if trying to search for BT devices and already connected to 7 devices
  16. Corrected issue if get remote bluetooth name fails in a bluetooth search
  17. Bluetooth connect is not called if create paired device fails
  18. Bluetooth connection attempt actively rejected if user presses X on the UI
  19. Corrected remote bluetooth name issue
  20. Corrected brick crashing if number of motors diff from 2 in sync'ed motor cmds
  21. Corrected filetransfer between SD cards in bricks - Folder type issue
  22. Corrected filetransfer between SD cards in bricks - Filehandle issue
  23. opFILE CLOSE_LOG changed to free up handle when logging in memory
  24. SD card back key bug fixed
  25. ISSUE 2636 - "Brick Program" app - test for attached sensor
  26. ISSUE 3226 - opMATH MOD8, MOD16, MOD32 zero bug fixed
  27. ISSUE 3492 - opUI_DRAW LINE and RECT hang bug fixed
  28. ISSUE 3565 - Brick Hang with 3rd party sensor bug fixed
  29. Added TIInit_6.6.15.bts to the filesystem to support 1325A version Bluetooth
  30. Special exception text added to headers: "lmstypes.h", "lms2012.h" and "bytecodes.h"
  31. opINPUT_DEVICE INSERT_TYPE implemented for test
  32. IIC 3rd party hang and data instability issue fixed
  33. Bluetooth transfer folder error fixed in cComCreateBeginDL 

2 則留言:

  1. 這個版本LABVIEW FOR MINDSTORM 好像沒支援...

    1. 你好:
      LabVIEW for MINDSTORMS可能沒有這個新韌體。
      你可以到樂高官網下載 1.06H