ROBOTC Driver Suite 3.2發佈

Xander已經發佈最新ROBOTC Driver Suite 3.2

必須配合使用ROBOTC 3.55 beta以上版本,請讀友務必更新。


  • Added new example for the Mindsensors Angle Sensor
  • Added filtering capabilities to the Mindsensors IMU driver
  • Added configuration and initial setup programs for NXT2WIFI
  • You now need to configure a custom profile for the NXT2WIFI in order for the examples to work.  See benedetelli-nxt2wifi-config.c for details
  • Added SMUX support for HiTechnic IR Seeker V2 enhanced mode through Sensor MUX.  Big thanks to Gus from HT for sending me the code and examples!
  • dWiFi has undergone major changes, I need some people to help me test some of this stuff.
  • Minor bug fixes in HiTechnic Angle Sensor and Compass