WRO競賽組使用RoboLAB的人有福了,在台灣的爭取下,WRO委員會開放使用Hitechnic的Color Sensor!下一版的規則才會做文字上的更動,不過可以用Hitechnic的Color Sensor是確定的囉!

2012 General Rules update
The 2012 General Rules have been revised. Important changes include:

- HiTechnic NXT Color Sensor V2 is now allowed across all age groups in the Regular Category

- A new and improved scoring system for Open Category

- Videos for Open Category have to be with English subtitles

Download the 2012 General Rules - and learn more about WRO rules and regulations.

Download: www.wroboto.org/downloads

Visit www.wro2012.org for information on WRO 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.